Saturday, May 11, 2013

For longevity's sake

I am no longer a American postdoc in Canada, but this blog will remain up as a tool to help other future postdocs, scientists, or heck, just anyone deciding to uproot and settle down in Canada.  A word of advice if you're coming here looking for immigration guidelines: I was a temporary resident only, on a temporary resident visa, and never applied for permanent residency (PR).  I hope this blog is of some help to you, because I certainly had fun writing it!



  1. Thanks for your blog! I am also an American going to Canada for a postdoc (I think actually the same lab you did your postdoc in, strangely enough), and it's been confusing trying to figure out the logistics of everything :/

    1. Howdy! If you need anything at all with respect to the process, feel free to ask! How did you happen to figure out that we might have the lab in common? I'm quite curious and more than a bit surprised.