Sunday, June 24, 2012

The times, they are a-changin'.

So.  I know it's been 3 months (eek).  There is an important reason for my absence, however.  It was called The Job Search.

Postdocs don't last forever, and I was at a good stopping point with mine.  A major point of me doing a postdoc was to branch out from what I did from my Ph.D. and try some new techniques.  I felt I had the training I needed, so I set out on the job hunt.  In this economy, you probably know what this meant.

I applied for 36 jobs and kept track of them with an Excel spreadsheet.  That meant 36 tailored resumes/CVs and cover letters.  From the start of the job application process to the start of my new position was almost 3 months, and I consider that pretty fast.  Most positions to which I applied, I did not hear anything back.  About 7-10 gave me rejections.  Luckily, I got 2 of them and chose one to go with.  So where am I now?

Well, gentle reader, I am actually now in Michigan.  I am an American scientist in the United States, and this hardly makes for an interesting blog title.  So after a couple more advice posts, I'm going to put this blog to bed.  It has served its purpose well, but now its purpose is done.  I hope you have enjoyed reading and have gained some insight (if you are in the U.S.) into our neighbo(u)rs to the north!


  1. Do let us know if you start a new blog somewhere else!

  2. thanks for your blog! Great reads for someone moving up north! It is such a different country and any info to help US folks making the move is a great help.

    Congratulations on your new job!!!

  3. I am more than happy to help anyone moving to Canada orient themselves and point them in the right direction to set up bank accounts/car registration/SIN numbers/health insurance/etc.!