Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now broadcasting from the floor.

The movers came yesterday and hauled out what was to my mind an appalling amount of stuff.  How did I amass 43 boxes' worth of stuff?!  To be fair, though, one lamp counted as one box, as did the coffee table, end table, futon frame, kitchen table top, kitchen table legs, papasan, couch, other lamp, 2x2 chairs, each of 2 desk chairs, the desk, the drafting table.... huh.  A good bit of what I have is furniture after all.   They sure were efficient, though; they packed a couple of things I didn't want them to while my back was turned, including my new shower curtain.  Guess I'll use the old one for a week.  At least I wrested my backpack with all of my immigration documents out of their hands.

So, what does it look like, now?  Well, it basically looks like an empty apartment:
The emptiest this place has been in almost 6 years.
Since the living room has no light, and I don't want to heat it, I've taken up residence in the bedroom with my soon-to-be-trashed mattress on the floor:
Home base alpha!
For someone hobbit-like like me, this is not a bad arrangement!  Note how I am living: bare essentials, clothes in suitcases.... and 2 nice computers.  Even my shoes are out in the frozen tundra of the car.

Everyone said moving in January was going to be uncomfortable, and I thought the same thing, except it was actually very pleasant.  As long as you're not battling snow or bad weather, the cold makes an ideal combatant to uncomfortable warmth brought on by physical labor.

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